Testolone Rad140 Novosarm - 20 Mg/Ml - 30 Ml/Bottle

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Novosarm - Testolone (Rad140) SARMs


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RAD140 or Testolone is one of the best SARMs that are designed for gaining muscle mass. Its main feature and advantage is its selective impact. The substance affects muscle fibers and bones, without affecting the hormonal system and other biological processes. This allows you to provide an incredible effect from RAD140 without an abundance of side effects.

Regardless of the experience and level of fitness, a very impressive increase in strength and muscle mass should be expected from the course of Testolone. This SARMs is one of the strongest drugs in the category, especially in building muscle mass.

Results from taking Testolone
The first noticeable effect of RAD140 on the course will be a change in the proportions of the body. After 2-3 weeks, athletes will be able to note a significant increase in strength indicators. The effect of the drug, as well as a pronounced increase in strength, will contribute to an accelerated set of pure muscle mass. A noticeable increase will be noticeable 3-4 weeks after the start of the course. After this point, there will be a stable increase in strength and mass. By the 8th week, on average, athletes gain from 4.5 to 6.5 kg of muscle mass.

Data sheet

Active substance
20 Mg/Ml
30 Ml/Bottle
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