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The peptide, produced under the trade name "TB 500", is an analogue of anthropogenic, which is obtained as a result of the synthesis of forty-four amino acids. The drug promotes wound healing and recovery. For medical purposes, it is taken after suffering a heart attack, injury or surgery. For horses, this drug is doping. In bodybuilding, bodybuilders take this peptide in order to achieve an anabolic effect.


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TB-500 is a synthetic copy of a protein called thymosin beta-4, which has the same therapeutic properties as a natural protein, and therefore can be very useful for people interested in maximum regeneration speed after injuries and operations, as well as for athletes who want to prevent injuries and accelerate recovery after severe physical overloads. This peptide is often used in the racing world to improve the physical capabilities of horses, as well as to reduce the risk of injury.
As mentioned above -TB-500 is a synthetic version of the peptide thymosin beta-4 (sometimes called tb-500), which occurs naturally in both humans and animals. The thymosin family was discovered in the mid-1960s. Albert Einstein College researchers have begun to understand how the thymus affects the development of the immune system in vertebrates. The same researchers are now largely responsible for the production of TB-500. This peptide has long been loved by athletes because they have seen firsthand its impressive properties in the field of tissue repair and regeneration. This peptide is quite often used to prevent injuries and to quickly recover from severe physical overloads.



  • increasing the speed of tissue recovery even after the hardest workouts (that's why it is loved
  • by highly qualified athletes);
  • reduced wound healing time, faster tissue recovery after injuries and surgeries;
  • helps reduce pain and inflammation;
  • increased joint mobility after injury;
  • stimulating hair growth;
  • normalizes the state of the heart in case of concentric myocardial hypertrophy;
  • helps to stimulate the production of stem cells, allowing them to be restored at the cellular
  • level;
  • may help relieve the symptoms of diabetes.
  • improves the condition of blood cells;
  • accelerates the growth of new vessels.

Mechanism of action

This peptide regulates the transport of cellular proteins that help build and repair tissues. Improving the transfer of such proteins means that your body will recover any damage faster. One of the main proteins responsible for this is actin. Increased actin activity stimulates faster tissue growth, accelerates cell migration and stimulates their reproduction. This is especially important for the creation of blood vessels. The increased activity of actin also contributes to the "marking" of damaged tissues, which indicates to the immune system where to direct the body's ability to regenerate (i.e., wherever there are injuries). TB-500 has an interesting molecular structure and is a very light compound. This means that it is able to move easily through tissues and can travel long distances throughout the body. TB-500 is able to move around the body until it finds injuries that require treatment, and there it can exert its influence.

Data sheet

Alternative name
Thymosin Beta-4
Active substance
2 mg
1 vials
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