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OneQ is a newcomer to the growth hormone production industry, however, in order to achieve success, it creates high-quality products that can meet the needs of the most demanding athletes.

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OneQ is a newcomer to the growth hormone production industry, however, in order to achieve success, it creates high-quality products that can meet the needs of the most demanding athletes.

So what makes the products of this company so high-quality:

  • provides quality tracking of all components for the production of GR;
  • validation of the production process;
  • the quality of this GR meets the standards of the USP, ep, ch pharmacopoeia;
  • system control at all stages of the product movement from production to purchase by the end user;
  • unique synthesis technology based on the Lactococcus Lactis strain;
  • the production of a product based on Lactobacillus is absolutely safe for humans, and non-toxic, unlike E. coli;
  • the active protein is synthesized in the correct three-dimensional form - with high biological activity;
  • The company has introduced three types of growth hormone to the market: OneQ White, OneQ Blue and OneQ Red.
  • OneQ White is supplied in a package of 5 vials of 3 mg (9 units) each, so there are 45 units in the package;
  • OneQ Blue is delivered in a package of 2 vials of 15 mg (45 units) each, so there are 90 units in the package;
  • OneQ Red supplies 30 mg (90 units) in a package of 1 vials, so there are 90 units of the product in the package.

Mechanism of action

Somatotropin is the main non-genetic factor that stimulates the postpartum growth of the body, by inducing the growth and differentiation of cells of the body of mesenchymal-derived tissues. However, its effect is not limited to stimulating growth, regeneration, differentiation and development of cells, tissues and organs, but also includes metabolic interaction with proteins, carbohydrates and fats, participation in mineral metabolism and in processes related to the reproductive and immune functions of the body.

The main function of growth hormone is postnatal stimulation of the development of bone, cartilage, muscle and adipose tissues, which occurs both directly-in the presence of specific factors affecting the receptors on the cells of these tissues, as well as indirectly-insulin-like growth factor type 1 (muscle growth, bone development and support of joints, collagen synthesis in the skin, etc.) A particularly important mechanism of GH is the stimulation of bone length growth by direct interaction with receptors present on the surface of bone growth zones - cells of the proliferative layer of the bone growth plate.

It has also been shown that GR has an effect on the activation of the growth and differentiation of chondrocytes, osteoblasts and osteoclasts, leading to the growth of bone mass (increased bone density and width). This is facilitated by the stimulation of collagen synthesis, as well as the effect of the hormone on bone mineralization by regulating the activity of renal 1α-hydroxylase, and thus the exchange of calcium and phosphates.

The effect of GH on muscles is manifested in hypertrophy of muscle fibers, the creation of new muscles and their regeneration. Growth hormone also determines the correct composition of the body, in the ratio of dry body weight and fat, and also regulates the proper development and functioning of many organs and systems, such as the heart and circulatory system, brain and nervous system, stomach and digestive system, kidneys and excretory system, as well as the lungs and respiratory tract.

The crucial role of somatotropin in stimulating the proliferation and regeneration of trophoblast, blastocyst, immune system cells, pancreas and endothelial cells has been proven. It was stated that GR, along with stimulating proliferative activity, demonstrates the ability to suppress apoptosis (programmed cell death). Growth hormone is also of great importance for the regeneration of nerve fibers and wound healing. GR stimulates the migration and proliferation of neural stem cells( NSCs), and also induces the differentiation of progenitor nerve cells. On the other hand, it has been proven that this hormone stimulates the transformation of cancer in the autocrine pathway, allowing it to participate in the process of carcinogenesis in some tissues.

It is very important that growth stimulation with the help of GR occurs indirectly, by stimulating the synthesis of IGF-1 in the liver, muscles, lungs, bones or cartilage. It is IGF-1 that grows your muscles, increases the synthesis of collagen in joints, bones and skin, improving their condition. In fact, the differentiation of functions and the involvement of GR and IGF-1 in specific physiological processes is often very difficult. Although IGF-1 is the main systemic factor indirectly affecting the action of growth hormone, it has been proven that this hormone stimulates the synthesis of many other growth factors and receptors specific to them, for example, fibroblast growth factor (FGF), hepatocyte growth factor receptor (HGFR), epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), the nervous system, growth factor receptor (NGFR) it should be noted that the synthesis of certain growth factors induced by somatotropin shows a clear specificity tissues and organs.

So what will you get by taking this OneQ product:

  • dry muscle growth;
  • increased bone density;
  • bone growth in length if you are still in the puberty period;
  • fat burning;
  • improved joint mobility;
  • support for the condition of joints and ligaments;
  • improvement of the skin condition and rejuvenation of the body;
  • improvement of the immune system;
  • acceleration of regeneration after injuries, operations and burns;


It is applied depending on the purpose. For the purpose of regeneration and minimal improvement of the form, it is worth using 4-5 units per day for at least 12 weeks. For the growth of muscle mass, it is worth introducing 8-10 units per day for 12 weeks. Professional bodybuilders can consume 20-30 units per day.

If we talk about doses of 8 units and higher, it is important to take them gradually starting from 4 units, since the consumption of a working dose at once can reveal undesirable side effects in the form of edema and tunnel syndrome.

If you are going to conduct a course of growth hormone for more than 12 weeks, you should think about taking insulin in order to reduce the increased sugar level due to taking GH.

Before the course of growth hormone, it is important to pass blood tests for cancer markers and be examined by an oncologist in order to exclude the presence of oncological diseases. Since growth hormone accelerates the division of all cells in the body, including cancer cells, it is thus able to accelerate the development of undiagnosed cancer.

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