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Pharmacological properties:

Proviron is an androgenic agent that compensates for the insufficiency of androgen production (male sex hormones), has a stimulating effect on the development of male secondary sexual characteristics and genitals, improves potency and libido, exhibits anabolic properties, stimulates erythropoiesis.

The active component of Proviron, mesterolone, compensates for the lack of endogenous androgens due to a decrease in their production with age or for other reasons.

Taking the recommended therapeutic doses of the drug has the following effect on the male body:

  • Eliminates or mitigates impaired performance, irritability, fatigue, weakening of memory and concentration, libido disorders, depressive states, sleep disorders, psychovegetative disorders caused by a deficiency of male sex hormones.
  • eliminates potency disorders caused by a lack of androgens.
  • if erectile dysfunction is caused by other causes, Proviron is recommended to be used as an additional drug as part of complex therapy.
  • stimulates the growth, development and function of organs dependent on male sex hormones; with a lack of androgens before puberty, mesterolone promotes the development of external (secondary) sexual characteristics in patients.
  • after reaching the age of puberty, Proviron helps to eliminate the loss of endocrine function; promotes the increase / normalization of the quantitative and qualitative composition of the ejaculate in infertility caused by oligozoospermia and insufficiency of interstitial Leydig cells.
  • provides an increase in the level of fructose in the cytoplasm of sperm cells, increasing the likelihood of fertilization.

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