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    Injectable Steroids

    Effects of Injectable Steroids

    All steroids are synthetic male hormones or their derivatives.
    This means that every injectable anabolic steroid is similar because of these positive effects:


    • Stimulates lipolysis processes.
    • Allows you to increase muscle mass.
    • Accelerates regeneration reactions in the body.
    • Strengthens bone tissue.
    • Increases strength, performance and endurance.

    Injectable steroids are a large group of drugs that are injected into the body through intramuscular injections.
    They are very popular among athletes and allow them to achieve any goal.
    At the same time, athletes of various levels of training can purchase injectable steroids.
    This is due to the fact that among these drugs there are not only strong steroids, but also those that can have a moderate effect on the body.
    By accelerating protein synthesis, they stimulate muscle growth (anabolism).
    They are used by many athletes, both men and women.
    In general, the effect of such measures can be divided into two groups; anabolic and androgenic activity.


    Advantages of Injectable Steroids compared to Oral Steroids

    Injectable steroids have several important advantages. It is worth starting with hepatotoxicity (the ability of a certain drug to negatively affect the liver).
    However, all anabolic steroids can theoretically damage the liver. Steroid tablets undergo an alkylation procedure during production. Due to this, they are not damaged when passing through the digestive tract. Injectable anabolic steroids are administered intramuscularly and do not require alkylation and, therefore, cannot damage the liver. In addition, the method of injecting steroids indicates increased bioavailability. Simply put, these drugs can have a stronger effect on the body.


    Many injectable drugs have a long half-life and after administration can act in the body for 10 or even more days.
    Tablets should be taken every day, at least in two or even three divided doses.
    Due to this characteristic, injectable anabolic steroids are able to provide a more uniform concentration of the active ingredient in the body.
    Due to these advantages, athletes often decide to buy injectable steroids.


    It is worth noting that injectable steroids can only be injected into the muscle, since injection into a vein can lead to serious complications, instead intramuscular injection prevents the drug from passing through the liver. Injections are usually made in the buttocks, thighs, shoulders or triceps, because it is here that large muscles with a small number of vessels are located.

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