Winstrol Stanozolol Inj.

Buy Stanozolol (winstrol):

Stanozolol helps to gain muscle mass on combined courses of steroids, and is also used on a drying cycle or on relief. The positive effect of taking a steroid is not achieved without physical exertion, strict adherence to a diet and a combination of the drug with testosterone.

The drug acts in several directions:

  • Emphasizes the relief of the musculature. Being a specific anabolic steroid, it does not give almost any growth in volume, but gives the muscles a beautiful relief. Against the background of taking Stanozolol, the venous mesh becomes more pronounced, the reduction of fat deposits increases.
  • Removes excess accumulated fluid. This property makes the drug effective in getting rid of the increase in cell hydration that occurs after and against the background of taking the AAC course.
  • Reduces high globulin. This substance creates connections between sex hormones. There is an increase in efficiency from the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids.
  • It has anti-estrogenic and anti-progestogenic effects. This fact has not been studied and has no scientific confirmation to date.
  • Increases stamina and strength.
  • Increases appetite.

Side effects of winstrol:

The drug does not convert into estrogens, so it does not cause side effects such as gynecomastia and edema.

Side effects by frequency of occurrence:

  • Pain in large joints and ligament damage are the most common complications. To minimize the risk, stanozolol should be combined with testosterone and deca. Special additives for ligaments and joints are also used.
  • The rise in blood pressure is eliminated by taking antihypertensive drugs (enalapril).
  • An increase in cholesterol levels is eliminated by taking omega-3 or other hypolipidemic agents (lovastatin, atorvastatin, etc.) during the course.
  • Painful injections - this side effect of Winstrol is peculiar only to the injectable form (winstrol depot).
  • Since winstrol is a derivative of DHT, androgenic side effects are possible: hair loss on the head, acne, suppression of the production of own testosterone, etc.

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